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Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack of the Week!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Hi sweeties!!!

I apologize for the sporadic posts and all.Last week got really crazy. First I met a" boy" that I like and ended up on the phone with him and stuff( you know how that goes...) and then started a new gig way out in the boonies of Spartanburg County only to moved from that building to another building and different assignment... Ugh...then I got a stomach flu...Big Baby Bubba Fat got a stomach flu...while @ the Plaintiff's...What the hell else?

But I got my sh*t together for this week. Being Libra, you got nothing without balance in life.

Thanks to everyone who left b-day wishes to the Glam Country Cuttin' Blog!! I "sholl" appreciate that. Update on the "date"-It was good...I won't say more but Kia I'm going the page you on the MySpace later:).

This week's Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack is Stevie Wonder's Hotter Than July. Oh my God, how I love this piece...Rocket Love...Master Blaster Jammin...All I Do...Jesus!!!(Cue the shoutin music!!) I remember staring at this album cover in my Uncle Bruce's collection, thinking..."oooh...he's sweating!"

Keep cool or warm( if you are past the Mason/Dixon line)



yummy411 on 9:40 AM said...

jamie i knew you were cool.. you are a libra! i love libras!some how all of my good friends are libras! =)

glad you are feeling better!