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Vintage Finds for the Spring!! part II

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I decided to sweep by the Sal Army today while in Spartanburg. *side note: today must have been "weirdo"day, I swear, strange men and women were staring and trying to talk and ask for money in there. Anyway I found some good things, not necessary all vintage but good stuff for the spring. This a short umpire waist Laura Ashley nightgown i'll wear with a tank as a top.
Natori robe. I just couldn't leave it because I love robes.:)
Black cropped jacket for work. My mother will be proud. Work clothes.
Vintage bag, brand new and have like three sections, looked as if no one has ever carried it.
Suede skirt.It's a size 20 but I'll going to have it altered to wear for the spring.
total: 10.50( plus I got a Express hoodie and another sweater too.)


yummy411 on 12:50 AM said...

wow! you really racked up and found some good stuff!

rebelleBAP on 7:48 PM said...