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Tuesday'sFashion/Beauty Observations...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hey Hey Hey! Sorry no post on yesterday. I had no focus on Monday. None. I felt like my day was pretty aimless. I need pill for unfocusedness. Yeah, I know made up a$$ word.:)

I also apologize for this blurry pic of a recent Target haul. Nothing special. I just picked up some more cG Queen Collection e/s in Down to Earth and Copper Penny. I also grabbed some of the new Boots Botanics line goodies. In the pic, there's Soothing Eye Makeup Remover and Purifying Face Scrub. I don't do alot switching when it come to my face. I basically stick to the "formula". But I'm always on the search for a good eye makeup remover since do major layers of mascara. The scrub, well, I love my Lumene scrub but thought I would switch up. I'll give reviews later!

I got this t-shirt at the Super Wal-Hell down at Hillcrest. I love it! It's so funny. I got on today with a grey ON tank and my beloved green ON cargo pants/capris/shorts.

So I get an email from Sephora about their Mother's Day offerings. I going to do a makeup overhaul of my mom's stuff. She got lip sticks and eye shadows that are way too old and she puts her foundation on with a Q-tip! She getting new brushes whether she likes it or not! Well I also see the even popular Blockbuster palette that MUA raved and ranted and completely obsessed about til it was sold out. I'm not impressed. Anyone got one? Tell me why or why not you like it.

This week I'm going to do the first annual Rural Glamour Contest!. A beauty trivia! I'll have ten questions and I'll pick the first person who emails me all ten right and they will get a brand new beauty prize. I'll post a pic of all of the loot and question on tomorrow!!!!!I'm I'm moving and I have major amounts of unused fantastic stuff that I don't feel like Ebaying or swapping. See...lack of focus.:)