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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Today I had an appointment in Greenville and after it was over, I took the exit down to the One and the Only, Whole Foods! I know,some of you lucky ass broads have Whole Foods like in your front yard but um, dude, I've got only Bi-Lo and we are in a rural town. Imagine the organic you see my point. Anyway, I strolled around, tasted grapes and cherries, wine, and cheese. I bought gigantic cupcakes for the boys and yummy veggie sushi and freshly made hommus for me. I also picked up our Ulta and Hand Picked across the street on Woodruff Road.

So, I go Ulta. Maybe its just that Ulta on Woodruff Rd but for the second time I was not very impressed. Now they did have the whole Rimmel line, with stuff I've never seen before. I picked up Rimmel Kiss Off in First Time. And they one the best selections of Essie I've ever seen. I was tempted to follow the crowd and get Mademoiselle or Pink Slippers but instead I got Boat House. I'm wearing this color Sunday for Easter with my white linen sundress my mother bought me the other day. Its her way of getting me to church. I also saw With Love by Hillary Duff Roll On Perfume for $25. I was tempted but I have couple of deluxe spray samples of this that would probably add up to this, so I passed. I flipped around the fragrances and found nothing I was excited about. I sniffed the new Incanto Shine which smelled just like Incanto Dream. I hope they are not turning into Escada. Any fragrance ho knows that all those Island Kiss and Passion Paradise and Ibiza Hippie and stuff all smell the same.

Glad to be back home, where my April Jane mag was awaiting me. Too bad I read it in the office I was sitting in this morning.:(



yummy411 on 10:18 PM said...

yay new posts.. i'm so looking forward to summer scents as we reached 70's-80's in DC... i hate that outside, grass and polluted air smell you get from being outside.