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Neckaches and Self Seduction...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Today...I woke up this morning on the couch... again to:

Two chattering 2 year olds in their room talking about the cars outside...

A headache and a neck ache

A growling, empty stomach

And two grown a$$ men pitching a baseball in the middle of the street and talking loud.( one is a amateur baseball player for the minor leagues)

And...situations of financial despair on my mind...

I felt like crying. BUT I pressed the boys dressed and fed, myself dressed and fed and had the best cup of home brewed Starbucks coffee:) and imagined my day smooth easy and good. Last night I had been working on my Lookbook so looking at all of the ripped pages and my great book made me happy. I'm good now...til lunch.:)

Last night I decided to pull Self Seduction by Mikki Taylor. I can't understand why she is on that show Charm School with all those hoochies. Maybe she believes her grace will make a difference one of the girls.Or maybe she believes in a check! But by all accounts she's exudes fabulousness. I would love for her give my her pearls of beauty each day. And maybe some of connections in the beauty industry...:)

This weeks Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack is Monifah's Home. It's soooo old, circa 2000, and completely slept on, even then, but I love it so much. My favs are four back to back songs, I Can Tell, Too Late,How You Gonna Love Me, Hard To Say Goodbye.

Okay...I'm hungry again but I'll be back with a Rural Glamour Things to check out at the Drugstore List!