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Zzzzz Beauty Rants and Raves...

Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm so tired its ridiculous. I mean I can't sleep in the house I prayed for because I'm scared like a 18 year old girl on a pledge line, trying not forget line names and numbers. So every night since last Saturday( before the one that just passed...) I've slept on my couch in my den and not in my bed. And skin has caught hell for it. Five breakouts. I haven't looked this broke-out since at at least...2003! And my poor eyes... Good thing I rediscovered Tarte Rest Assured, went online to their website, so can properly and correctly use it this time. It's fabulous,cousins, worth every penny.
Included with my breakouts is patchy skin...even on my lips! I hate lip balm...probably the only girl on this planet that does. All of them make my mouth look "greasy" not "glossy". But at CVS I discovered Einstein Lip Therapy Hydrating Lip Cream. It's like moisturizer for the lips. Soaks in good and primes my lips for any gloss or lipstick. And I don't look I just ate a 3-piece dark from Auntie M's Mini Mart.
Good folks at Tarte love me. They really do. Because they sent me hands down my mostest, favoritest, lip gloss in the whole world...right this week.:) Tarte Rise and Shine in Mauve is the shizit!!! That's all I got to say. A girl's is looking real black Angelina Jolie with funkiest, sexiest lavender color I've ever since. Even ole' Fashion Boy said, "Your lips look fatty-fat...delicious...*smack on the lips*...and they don't taste like...lipstick *smack on the lips*...What's that MAT( He meant MAC) *smack on the lips*?" He country ya'll...:)