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Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack of the Week!

Friday, June 29, 2007

This week's Soundtrack is CeCe Peniston's I'm Moving On.
How appropriate...considering that one FB is still calling( but blocks the number and hangs mature).
But this album takes me back to when I was sophomore in college and I was in to this dude named JP who simply beautiful but I could focus on a relationship because the issues I was having with my parents, my grades, my newly found popularity(lol! I had just pledged) and my grandmother's death. Every song on this CD was me and JP. Even "Last To Know" when he started to see this Delta and everybody was like" yeah, he be up in Phelps Hall on the 3rd floor ALL THE TIME" How was I the last the know? I lived on the 2nd floor of P Hall! To "I'm Over You", one of the best breakup ballads of all time in my book, that I would play over and over again. But funny thing about me and JP is that we never stop hooking up...over the next six years...til he went to the State P on possession and distribution situations. I'll pour out a sprinkle of MAC kitchmas piggie for ya....:)