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To My Krew...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Last night I had a little sleepover/housewarming/soiree' with my closest,dearest girlfriends. We ate, talked, laughed and, slept. Then we woke up this morning and went to Greenville. Lunch @ Travinia and stops at Ulta,Marshalls/HomeGoods AKA "SuperMarshalls" and Whole Foods. I had such a blast that I'm on the edge of depression because I miss then soooo much. So I want to thank:

Shannan( You'll be recieving a call about your pop culture weekend...I need for you to be in room by 9:00 pm every night...:))
Tasha( I can't wait for my t-shirt..."Spoiler Warning Ahead")
Jenn(You can always sleep in my "bed")
Erica(Make sure you shoot me a text on that cookout...:))

for coming down the "U" and making my whole week. I needed that!!! Love you!

*I will be posting my Ulta and Marshall's haul later...I'm about to dig into some Pineapple Mango Salsa and a glass of Pinot:).



yummy411 on 10:26 PM said...

aww i'm glad yall had a blast! i need one of those weekends!

rebelleBAP on 11:38 PM said...

They are the best weekends I tell you...:)