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Nail Polish, Joan, and Me

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Last nite, I got totally caught up in Joan Rivers Beauty on QVC. I mean, I didn't buy anything because of my "Financial Obligations" but I just love to see the host, Lisa and Joan talk about really over priced goodies that she is selling. I also loved to watch her and her jewelry shows too. She is a salesperson to the T. So is that Lisa chick. Lisa said this last night...

" You know how you need you lips to have that amazing shine and glossiness, your nails MUST have that uncompromising shine, too."

She had wanting to paint my nails.

I'm a fan of shopping channels, not necessarily shop but to watch the sales technique and personalities. HSN has that guy Antthony who sells those Muumuus. He is such a sweetheart!! And Sephora Beauty and Friday Night Beauty on QVC...Okay I know don't have a life.



Elle* on 1:54 PM said...

I must admit, I've been a shopping channel addict for years now, lol. And like you, even if I don't buy! (and I do buy, hehe) Saturday Night Beauty and Joan, as well as Sephora Beauty are must-see TV. There are Bare Escentuals shows this weekend. I will be watching! I love watchin' crazy behind Nick Chavez even tho his stuff is not for me!

rebelleBAP on 8:40 AM said...

Oh...I like Nich Chavez too! He does such BIG hair!