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So What!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I got my Lucky Magazine the other day and was really surprised to see Vanessa Minnillo on the cover. I mean have they ran out of folks as cover models? Lucky...try using a MODEL...from a MODELING you USED to before you got all celebrity inspired. Jesus!!! I mean Vanessa is a cute girl, heard she nice and sweet( she and my LS Chinwe'( line sister) went and graduated from Bishop England HS in Charleston together) but you ain't nobody. Shoot...they should have put Nick on there with her! And the inside is just as dry this as the cover. I'm done...Peace!




Elle* on 11:50 PM said...

The July issues of mags all seem to be a bit...spare. lol. To be honest, I liked seeing Vanessa Minillo, but wasn't too crazy about the issue.

rebelleBAP on 8:41 AM said...

yeah... the issue was kinda wack.I been reading the June edition with Katherine McPhee over and over...