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Unveiling True Beauty...Mandisa Style!!! Part I

Monday, June 25, 2007

Remember Mandisa...American Idol fifth season diva with big faith and a big voice? Well, she has a new album dropping July 31 and the folks over at EMI/Sparrow dropped me a special copy of her single True Beauty that also featured the song Only The World.

Oddly enough, the song Only the World came at a good time today. I was feeling down about some things and I popped this Mandisa CD in and it was perfect timing. The song is soulful but light and inspirational. The "Aha" moment of the day!!! True Beauty is the perfect "get ready in the morning" song when you are having one of those days where nothing fits, nothing looks good on you and you can get that eyeliner right. It got me thinking about True Beauty and what I feel true beauty is. I got a list and I'm tweaking it, so I'll have it tomorrow!!!Again the CD is coming out July 31st and it's already doing big things on the charts and at Christian radio stations. Check it out at and