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Reclaiming the Sun, Moon and Stars...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I decided this morning that I would go to church. I normally work on Sundays and can't get to service or just didn't go. I decided last week that I was going "reclaim" my Sundays for church service. I thought about how on Saturday nights when I was young, my mother would press my hair( b4 I got a relaxer when I was 9) and paint my nails. Then we would lay out my Sunday clothes and shoes just in time for Solid Gold, Amen, and 227. I laid my clothes and shoes out and then I picked my fragrance, Lagerfeld's Sun Moon Stars. This is literally the same bottle that my Granny bought me in Christmas of 1995, our last Christmas together. I forgot how I loved this scent. Have a super and blessed Sunday!