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Survival of the Prettiest...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

This past week was all about surviving...without my boys. They spent one of three weeks that they have with their father in the summer. It was all about staying busy and getting busy on new things. And watching too much TV and On Demand Movies( the free ones, of course). But they are back, in one piece, just like they left.:) I've haven't been happier than I am today!!

I'll have the Friday Five Plus One on Monday afternoon. I didn't get to do it this Friday because I worked some freaky in the middle of the day schedule at work. But this week I have another full schedule of things to do, most of it wrapped around the TV!:)

World Series of Pop Culture( starts tomorrow...I soooo excited!)

Bridezillas( Absolutely the most ugliest I have ever seen any woman even on their wedding day, and I'm not talking beauty.)

Charm School Reunion-Um...Saaphyri spent her money on a new weave ya'll, not a house.

Hey Paula-She crazy. Straight Up.

An at- home pedicure- got some new goodies for my feet, will have pics of the products tomorrow.

Trying new recipes...I'm now a vegetarian...and I love it! Seriously, the best thing about going meatless( because I decided that I will continue to eat eggs and cheese and milk) is I'm in such I better mood and I think clearer.

Closet purge- I don't have nothing to wear because I got stuff I don't wear and shoes I don't wear. I'm sick of looking at it.

Finish reading Eat, Pray, Love-I love it, really, but I always start reading it and end up sleep.

Buy that new T.I album- Ooooo...It sounds so sick on AOL music. I love Tip Harris.