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Monday, July 23, 2007

I've noticed lately that the fashion magazines are catching on the fashion/beauty blogging community's effect on things. Even the fashion/beauty message boards are rumored to be "watched" by industry peeps to see what's hot and what's being talked about. This weekend I picked up the new Elle, you know one of my favorite fashionistas was on the cover, SJP herself. In the article on her, the writer talks about how when leaked photos of the Bitten line got out how the bloggers reacted, including a quote from one blogger( I know I read that quote somewhere)...Here's the paragraph...

..."When simply shot photos of Bitten's gray hoodies and khaki cargo pants were leaked to blogs last March(well ahead of their in-store debut in June), the actress's fans were very surprised to learn that the woman who helped make household names of Christian Louboutin, Oscar De La Renta, and Narciso Rodriguez was turning out day-to day gear built to fit women of any size or budget. "Maybe it's just me." wrote one typical blogger,"but I hoping for more colorful,Carrie Bradshaw-style pieces. You could find any one of those items at Target or Wal-Mart.Isn't celebrity line supposed to stand out?" Elle Magazine, August 2007

What we do...Fashion and Beauty bloggers, is give the public an intimate opinion from real people obsessed with fashion and beauty. And some of us bloggers are industry folk or fashion and beauty professionals, which is even better. But we run our blog like out lives depended on it. Out of pure passion for fashion and lipgloss! I love reading "quotes" for the blogging community in fashion publications. We have our well manicured fingers on the pulse of all things fabulous!



yummy411 on 10:06 AM said...

girl... most of the time when i read the beauty sections of the mags... i know for SURE that they are copying material/products straight from us!!!! now i'm not excited about reading those sections, cuz i know i've gotten the scoop first from wonderful beauty bloggers!