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Friday's Stuff...

Friday, August 03, 2007

Morning! Yes, I'm up this morning blogging because I represent a small majority of people...I'm a morning person. Having two chil'ren will do that to you. But after a yummy breakfast and a tall cup of Sumatra brew, I'm ready to rock. On Wednesday, I picked these fun earrings at Linda's Avon. I think they are so cool. They look like something my mom wore back in 1983 with one her fantastic hand knitted off shoulder sweaters and Chic jeans.

I think L'Oreal has done a little of a overhaul of their HIP line. They been adding new things like gel liners and new glosses and had tons of clearance back in May. I noticed that they changed the colors of their Illuminating Highlighter. The one of the left is the old one, has more bronze tones and the one of the right is the new one, more gold tones. I like both but prefer the old.

Did you notice? My camera's back in effect!! Thank ya' Jesus! lol!

Have a splendid day and great Friday! I'm off to get another can of Blue Diamond Almonds in Wasabi and Soy Sauce.