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Summer Cold...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm so mad because I have a summer cold or allergies or sinus problems. Hell, I can't point it out because I'm not a doctor, and I'm mad about it and the symptoms change by the hour. I went to work today felt fine, I guess because I was on my feet doing stuff but soon as I got home, the plague came back.Ugh!

Last night I out some work into the getting rid of the plague. What should have been an enjoyable night of German Chocolate Cake and a glass of Riesling from The Fresh Market was not. I couldn't smell and my nose was leaking and I felt like I was still hungry from dinner, maybe because I couldn't taste nothing.I'd picked up my order from Linda's Avon earlier and decided to run a bath and use my Avon SpaFinder Floating Color Orb. They are so relaxing, a great alternative to using candles and they looked gorgeous in a sea of bubbles from Johnson and Johnson Softwash Melt Away Stress Bath Wash. It provided some relief. That bath and a Benedryl.

This is why I need me a "friend" to take care of me.:)