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Things I've learned in beauty and fashion from one hot ass summer...

Saturday, August 25, 2007


We finally got some good rain, a really good downpour. It was so pretty and now its sweltering...

I thought I would write on this subject "Things I've Learned From One Hot Ass Summer Beauty/Fashion Edition" The "Personal Edition"...I think I might blog about on my MySpace.:) But Anyways here we go!!:

1) Stock up on everything skin and body care related at the beginning of the summer or that in the event of financial disarray, you won't be using samples of moisturizer because you can't afford to go and get what you normally use.

I swear, I ran out of everything in the mist of moving into my house and changing jobs and stupid gas prices. I literally spent my beauty budget on gas driving up and down Hwy 176 to the 'burg to work. Next Spring, matter of fact, this fall, I'm stocking up for the winter, just in case poverty wants to punch me in the face again and I'm using synthetic cotton balls and generic deodorant.

2)Sunglasses, Sunglasses, Sunglasses. Saved my life. I wasn't squinting or rubbing my eyes this summer because I learned the art of keeping my shades on.

3)Don't miss out because you live in the woods.

I've missed an entire summer of fragrances, MAC releases, clothing releases( such as SJP's Bitten) because I live in the country and hate driving an hour sometimes two to get to the goodies. This has been my insane plight for three years I've been here( the inspiration behind City-itis) I now start to embrace adventure even if I'm tired and financially strapped. Hell, I "window shopped" when I lived in the Rock, stayed in the mall, and I was never bother if could buy something.

4)Pairing down your wardrobe might not be a good idea...

I hate having a closet full of clothes I don't wear. So I went on a rampage and threw out and gave away half of my wardrobe, leaving me with virtually nothing. Now I feel like I have nothing to wear.

5) I do look good in:

Bracelets( the chunkier the better)
the color yellow
Red Nail polish
black eyeliner.

What did you learn this summer in beauty and fashion?