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Weekend Rantings and Ravings...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Let's see...Nothing happened this weekend for me as usual. I started to do some straighten up for the company that is my aunts " headz of the familyz" Bonnie, Maxine, Mary, and Andrea coming in this week. Only "BJ" and "Big Grin" are staying with me. So I'm so nervous that my house is not going to be perfect enough to for them. They are both clean freaks. Besides that I went to church only to leave early because Midget #1, Spencer, acted like a nutcase most of the service. This church does have one of those lovely kids care or "Children's Church". That drives me insane. And crazy acting children in church drives me insane. I just took Boo and his "Bruh" up out of there. Other than that... I got some bullet points!!!:

-I actually sat down and watched the Fashionista Diaries on SOAP. I like it! Of course I'm a fan of Janjay. She's not some over the top loud attitudinal black girl diva they all want her to be( I bet producers thought she would be) instead she's almost quiet but quick to give a look if it ain't cute. I'm soooo jealous that they are working for Flirt!, Jane , and that PR agency. Poor Nicole, she act like this is her first job. And when her bosses were like, "Stop crying" I was thinking,"Girl, stop crying, this ain't Macy's!" Check out this take on the Diaries.

-I also watched Kiki Lee Simmons on her new reality show, Kimora: Life in the fast lane. I think the best part of the show in little Miss Aoki Simmons. That thing is a
mess!!! She'll say anything!

-I saw some new Milani Matte lipsticks the other day in CVS on Garner Road in the "Burg. I definitely going to grab some up for the fall and do a review on them!!!

-My babies will be 3 on Saturday. Of course they won't be home( his weekend...) but I can't help think back what I was doing this week this time three years ago. I was laying on my back on bed rest. I shall tell them this story every year for the rest of their lives!!!

-It's finally a little cooler here in the Cackalack. I seriously thought I would never leave my house again. And I'm dreading my utility bill.

- I got a Ulta catalog Saturday. That made me think of the Fall Sephora catalogs. Has it came out yet?

-I'm out of my Fashion/Beauty depression. I'm just going to make it work!!!



Elle* on 5:48 PM said...

I need DVR to catch the "Fashionista Diaries"! Everyone is raving about it but I keep on missing it because I forget. Sadly, I don't have the Style Network and I have to wait for the DVD of Kimora's show (if they put it out)

Miss Kim on 5:44 PM said...

I am addicted to "Fashionista Diaries" It's right up there with "The Hills"

rebelleBAP on 3:39 PM said...

Elle-I used live in a city that didn't have Style Network on the cable either...:(

Miss Kim- I can't get into the Hills...they such ridiculous chicks!!:)