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Field Trip Review:Beauty Edition...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Thank to my SA Grismil at MAC who helped me out!!I went to the counter for something specific... concealer. I needed one and concealer is one of those makeup products you don't fool around at Wal-Mart to find as a women of color. Some have been successful@ the drugstores, but I wasn't going take any chances. We found the perfect match automatically in NC50 and I also pick up the polish in Whirlwind, the last bottle at the counter.
Over at BBW I sniffed and played. I had gotten a fall catalog book of the new finds for the season so I couldn't wait to see what they had poppin off. Haywood Mall BBW has the most nicest SAs and informative too. I was smelling the new Blackberry Amber and commenting that it smelled like Sensual Amber( One of my fall/winter favs) She said to layer the new Blackberry Amber and the Black Raspberry Vanilla to bring out the berry scent. She wasn't lying either, it smells incredible! I also picked up to minis of the new Irresistible Apple( It's okay, It loses the apple scent after awhile) and Velvet Tuberose( the original Vera Wang to a T.).
Finally got to smell this@Belk...wasn't impressed. But it was pretty and light and that ain't me. It reminds of Gucci II, which in the summer on my dresser, collects dusts.


yummy411 on 9:29 PM said...

how do you like the whirlwind polish? i think it's really nice, but the odds of me using it in my conservative workplace is very slim =((

rebelleBAP on 12:29 PM said...

I like it. I'm into the jewel tones/very dark colors on my nails for the winter.