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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Today I had a bad some bad news in the mail and it just made things bad. That's what I get for coming home on my lunch break. Then I get back to work and can't shake it....ugh!!

So I indulged in some Almost Pink Sale retail therapy(pictures tomorrow!), a new Nylon and Food and Wine Magazines, and a Strawberry Shake from Hardee's. Please...if you live in South Carolina or the Upstate of South Carolina, go see Ms. Sherry's store...she got shoes marked down to $10!!!

I still don't feel better...Maybe I'll go by the Avon Store and pick up some goodies in a minute. My birthday isn't till Sunday and I've spent my little birthday savings!

Speaking of my birthday...I'll be 30. I'm actually excited to be 30 leaving those 20s behind. Plus my b'day is the first day of Fall. And it's the 1st b'day without my Daddy. Last year he gave me $40 and told me, "Don't buy no groceries, gas, or nothing for those boys...spend it on you.." I will take your advice, Grandpa.:)

I'm seriously thinking of taking a blogging break.I'm in deep prayer for answer for this. I'm just not inspired anymore and I want always give top quality posts to you 4-5 people who read it:) and I don't feel I do anymore...

Ya'll have a good day!



Nemesis on 5:23 PM said...

Sometimes blogging can make you feel better. I'm sure that all of us would miss you if you took a break. But if that's what you think you need to do I know that we would all support that and look forward to your return. Its not many of 'us' blogging, so you would surely be missed. I feel you on the birthday, I'm leaving my 30s behind..whew!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just so you have a very avid reader in south are VERY inspirational and fun to read!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,
Keep your faith! You are in my prayers. I know things can be incredibly difficult somethings, but remember to always be grateful. I see so many other bloggers making loads of money and that can be you, too (Why not). You have to want to do it though. I hope that you will come to the best decision for you!
Stay blessed

rebelleBAP on 2:20 PM said...

Thank you all for you inspiring comments:)!