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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I got a pimple. Like a serious under my eye and its got looking like it want to show up to! I'm always surprised when I break out because I'm so tedious with my skin but I'm struggling on this one ya'll. I never have acne medication either. Because I never expect them. So I go a digging away in my little skin care box( It's little now compared to the past...) and found mark. Spots Away AM-PM Blemish Neutralizer. I dabbed the green tip on, let it dry and lightly patted the color around and on the pimple. It was a dream!! The camouflaging, of course. The green meds tip helps with downplaying the redness and color tip gives a little coverage. Now, I'm off to the drugstore to find some nighttime relief!

PS- If ya'll want to partake in this item, you'll have to do some serious searching. Its a discontinued mark. item. How special( Their good stuff always get discontinued...) :(