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From Edkerd to Rite Aid: Sale Haulage!

Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm protective about a drugstore.Like this whole Edkerds now Rite-Aid. We had Rite-Aids down here before and they didn't do no good. I remember one in Rock Hill that I used drive across town to get to. It's was all gated up with major cameras like somebody was going to jack it. But I went in one the other anyway...Edkerd, I mean Rite-Aid always has the up-to-date makeup goodies. I walked right into a clearance cart that had all this Booth's yumminess on it. I like Booth's Pomegranate Body Wash. So I scooped this products up all under 3.00. I already love and love the Fruit Enzyme Balance Toner. So hop by there and hunt down the clearance cart. I think that's popping off because of the change in companies and maybe they are not carrying certain products...

Does any remember Revco? lol!



yummy411 on 12:15 PM said...

girl! i know! i hate this switch. rite aid has the good nyc stuff and wet n wild. now right around the corner at eckard's where i would get my rimmel and max factor etc. is going under for the switch boo!!!