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Weekend Cooking II...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I love cooking my own Sunday Dinner. The reason I say this is that my mom cooks every Sunday, starting on Saturday so when she comes from church, its done and ready. But I like to come from church and start for scratch. This Sunday, I choose G.Garvin, with his sexy ass:), Apple Brandy Chicken. It was super simple, as he would say" and was so good. The only I didn't do was shallots. He puts shallots in everything!
I paired it up with his Vegetable Fried Rice. I've made this so many times as a main dish, its great. I used Tamari soy sauce instead of regular soy sauce, its much richer to me and powdered ginger instead of ginger root( I'm just too lazy for all that chopping). I also used I little sesame oil as a drizzle on top.
Here's that sexy thang's book, chocked full fabulous recipes. I make my girlfriend Jenn's favorite Jalapeno Crab Dip from it and he's got some Bourbon Chicken wings that ain't no joke.

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yummy411 on 7:31 PM said...

jamie! can we please get the recipe for the apple brandy chicken. i love finding different ways to cook chicken and that picture right there is making me salivate! ah! lol

Anonymous said...

That food looks delicious. I really like your new and improved site.

rebelleBAP on 5:10 PM said...

kia- will do!I have it up by the end of the week.

anon 12:19-Thanks! I really trying harder to give ya'll more of me:)

*B* Fab on 10:38 AM said...

ok, I'm a vegetarian but that chicken looks DELISH!!!! yes, post the recipe so i can substitute some big shrimp in place of the chicken! Guess I shall have to add Mr. Garvin's cook book to my Patti Labelle's cook book that is just for decoration LOL!!!