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Friday, November 02, 2007

I can't even believe I'm watching College Hill Interns on BET. I've been out of school for eight years this December. But I think college life is the best 4, 5,6, years of your life. Seriously, I DID college. I could probably write a flashback blog on life:WU 1995-1999. It was insanity. But, do watch CH Interns for that young cutie name Kasheef. And he is an ole' nasty Nupe...I love it!!

Plus intern Ivy( who's a Ivy, an AKA, how cute!) has a very cute blog on all the happenings on the show.

I was peeping through my momma's Spartanburg Herald newspaper when I came across a very fly article on 'Burg fashion by Jessica DeVault, one the Herald staffers.

Shall I exhale? Someone who love pop culture and fashion in the 'Burg? Love's it! Check out her blog and her webisodes!



yummy411 on 1:10 PM said...

great blog finds! i wanted to blog about the interns cuz i've been impressed with their makeup on the little interview segments where they are talking about their feelings.. i've been searching high and low for pic and info on the makeup artist this season, but can't find anything.. i have to do some real sherlock homes work and find these answers!!!

Jamie said...

I agree with makeup that girls wear in those little segments. Especially Kathy's. but I think she puts it on herself.She seem fly like that!

Michelle *Micki* on 4:38 PM said...

I watch also. I am not exactly sure why. I like Maurice though. Not a fan of Kasheef.

rebelleBAP on 3:54 PM said...

Micki-Kasheef's body is banging, girl!!