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Friday, December 07, 2007

I'm so my freaking CAR!!!

I'm so sick of makes me cry....ughhh!!!

So about a month ago the car broke down on 176 going to Spartnaburg. I had it towed to the Toyota Dealership. Well, my mom convinced me take to a mechanic she goes to "sometimes". It took them a week to fix it and when I got it back it wasn't running as good( cranking up hard, burning through gas)

*The Devil is a busy ass character...he just doesn't want me to happy..*

Back to the story. So the car is leaking something. I think its oil. So I check my oil. It's low. So every week, I put two quarts of oil in the car and send a prayer up to God to get me back and forth to work, cuz I can't afford a new car on what I'm making. So, again, my mother has a idea, to get a oil change. So I go for an oil change and they say,"Your car is leaking transmission fluid, I would have it towed your mechanic..." Then they ask me what got done on the car. My dumb ass doesn't know because I let my mother handle it. So now I'm at my mother's fuming, waiting for her because she ain't answering her cell...

I feel like breaking down.

Love ya'll



Anonymous said...

Don't give up girl. give him thanks for all of your blessings