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Hanging in there...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hey folks!

I'm so glad to be in the blogging spirit! Of course, you know my sad ass story(Computer is @ Momma's and I won't pay for Internet @ my house...), so I try to get on here as much as I can. If I don't, I won't know what's going on in the world. Can't depend on Union and Spartanburg to keep me updated... So Here's what's poppin':
-Every time I look at my Tarte We Wish You Wealth Palette, I smile:)!!!!I love it so much. Thanks Candace!!!
-My car is fixed so that's buying me some time til' I get my income tax. It's not leaking anything and seems to be riding well. I'm broke but I'm riding. You can't do anything down here in the country without a car. Including getting to work and the occasional drive to the 'burg( if you don't work there, already)
-Let me tell ya'll something. Don't ever underestimate people who work in grocery stores/supermarket. This has been one the hardest jobs. But I don't have a bad day. Well, except when I came to work yesterday and the DSD printer was broke. That's screwed me up all morning.
-I'm seriously addicted to McDonald's Hazelnut Ice Coffee and McDonald's Cinnamelts. I get the same order every morning. It's like 4.00 a day, 5 days a week. And I complain about being broke. ha!
-It seems that since I turned 30, all of the cuties that I meet are married. Or separated from the wife. Or complain about paying child support( you know I don't play that). Or just ain't about sh*t. And none of them believe that I'm 30. Now when I was 29, it was believable.
-I miss my friends. My real friends. They know who they are.:)
-I need a vacation.
-I keep missing all of my TV shows.The Game,Keyshia Cole, even I Love NY. I fall asleep about 8:30 EVERY night. I'm seriously busted when I get home.
-I will give ya'll My Christmas wishlist this weekend....
-So far, for Christmas, I got a Old Navy Gift Card and and TV stand for my big ass TV.And I haven't put it together and the TV is still on the floor. My kids thinks it a toy and sit there little cars on it. Maybe if I didn't go to sleep at 8:30pm I could get somethings done!!!
Love yall!!
Off to pick up the bams...:)