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Cheap Tip of the Day:15 Cheap Things About Me!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

-I like the beautiful milled fragrant soaps that are like 6.oo a bar.So in order to get the most out it, I break them in half, use one half and put the other half in a paper bag and in a cool place.

-If there is a new fragrance that I want and I can't afford it, I buy the scented body lotion and then seek out samples and decants of scent on Ebay.

-I order makeup,fragrance, and jewelry from Avon all the time. Don't sleep on their quality.

-I will not order from a website without a discount coupon code.Especially Sephora,I love when they have those sample bags:).

-I go to the bookstore and get a whole lot of magazines, order a drink, and sit and read every last one and then put them back. I used to be so notorious of this that when I lived in the Rock, they would tell me when I came through the door what new mags were in!!

-I put the BBW and VS semi-annual sales on my calender and go the firs dayt even if I don't buy anything.

-I check out DVDs at the library for free. No more wasting money on Netflix when some months I don't order anything.

-I exercise five days a week by walking for 45 mins around the park.Yeah I could have a gym or Y membership but I don't have to buy cute workout clothes, and expensive workout shoes, or pay for a membership.

- I have never bought a cell phone. I wait til the Verizon free every two years plan. That's when you have your plan and phone with Verizon every two years and they offer you a new phone every two years!!!I have had three new phones free.

-I listen to a CD that I want online before I buy it. Or I just buy certain songs off the CD on Rhapsody for .89.

-I buy makeup and beauty off QVC on the EZ pay plan!!

-Drinking water is part of my beauty routine. So I buy my water by the case at Wal-Mart.They are 4.88 a case of 28 compared to my beloved Dasani that's like 10.00 a case.

-I skip foundation some days, not because I don't want to wear it but because I want to conserve it. Especially if its high end.

- I eat a salad every day so instead of buying salad pre washed in a bag, I buy romaine lettuce buy the head and only tear and wash what I need off of it for that day. I would not believe how long the head of romaine lasts and how fresh it stays and how cheaper it is than the prewashed.

-If I'm at a restaurant and there is Splenda on the table, I take the Splenda and put it in my purse. I also do this at Barnes and Noble and Starbucks. Saves me from buying a 3.99 box of Splenda at the store( that only has like 50 packets in it). Yeah, my momma taught me better!!l0l!

Extra- I layway stuff at TJMaxx, Marshalls, and Cato's. I used to layaway at Wal-Mart but they don't do it anymore.

What are the cheap things about you??



Elle* on 12:10 PM said...

LOL! Some of these things I do as well! I am currently bidding on soem Philosophy cleanser on Ebay right now. I currently have about 12 DVD on hold requests at the library, and I visit the local B&N often and sit and read magazines. However, I do BUY alot. I like the tip about the Romaine lettuce. Oh and if you want a good site for cellphones: there is a site called, and you can get tons of phones for FREE, or on the cheap, and all you have to do is get the plan. I got two Sanyos for my mother and I for a grand total of $0!

R.K. on 6:32 PM said...

Is taking the splenda...stealing?
The other tips were cute and handy...but I don't think I can get with swiping all of the splenda because you don't want to buy any.

Jamie said...

stealing splenda...well i don't sneak and do it!:) But everyone has there own opinion.

mmcnals said...

i take splenda, and plastic forks and knives from the school cafeteria.

tonight i took packets of honey "just in case" (i dont eat honey)