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Sunday Best? Part II

Monday, November 19, 2007

I've been watching this!! I like the top four they got and they are all my favorites but in order I'll list my favorites and why....
4) Crystal- Not doubt she can "sang". But I would love to see her come softer on a song and more melodic... She got the chops but can she but versatile?
3) Jermaine- He is so fly and his riffs are serious but he's got really own every song he sings to win.
2) Emily- Emily, Miss Emily. Touches my spirit every time. I would buy her album in a second. I just love her voice and her presence is just golden.
1) Shari- #1 pick from day one. She has a voice that takes every song and makes her own. Just imagine what she could do for songs written just for her?
If you watch...Who's your winner? Let me know!!