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Looking Back....Resolutions of 2007

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm having the hardest time coming up with some new Fashion and Beauty Resolutions for 2008. Does that mean something? Anyway...I thought I would look back to see what I have accomplished.

Jamie's Fashion and Beauty Resolutions 2007....

1) Step up the work attire fashion game- Well, I ended up leaving the library and started to work for the Le Lion which requires a semi uniform. Hell, I like wearing a uniform because I don't a fashion headache in the mornings. Plus we can wear what ever accessories, so I have fun doing that and found an elated love for bangles and bracelets.

My secret to getting them on my wide hands...lotion or baby oil slip them right on. Apply it on you hands before putting them on.:)

2)Continue to maintain healthy hair-I don't know how "healthy" my hair really is under this weave( lol) but I've rocking the wild curly hair look since this summer. My co-worker always tells me,"It's so you and your personality..."

3)Step up the shoe game for the winter-Did that...bought a serious amount of flats this winter and fall...

4)Indulge in more pedicures-Uh...not successful. I have no patience in a nail salon or at home. So I keep them lotioned and the nails painted. This will be a renewal resolutions.

5) Buy new pillows and new satin pillowcases- done and done!

6)Seek out and use more natural and organic products-My store has a really great but small organic and natural section that I love to pass through.

7)Find the perfect: shimmery peach l/g, nude l/g, brow pencil or powder, blackest black mascara.- I found the brow pencil and black mascara( Milani and Loreal's HIP)

8)Wear more fun jewelry- three words: This N'That in the 'Burg on Pine Street!

9) Buy more pretty dresses-two words: Simply Fashions in the 'Burg on Pine Street!! The have the best arsenal of cheap big girl dresses and other fabu for a big booty diva. I can go in there with $50 and have a new wardrobe.

10)Buy a new robe and slippers- Slippers yes, Robe no.

11)Find a new great hair color-I'll admit, I'm chicken when it comes to hair color. I'm just comfortable in my own shade, so I'll leave it at that.

12)Start new collections- Well, my perfume collection has gotten quite large.

13) Learn How to:Contour the face, apply lashes, use liquid eyeliner, use concealer-Check on liquid eyeliner and concealer.

14)Collect more fashion books-I can't remember what books I got. Stop! I got that Rachel Zoe book which is a fun read.

I'll work on the resolutions for 2008 tonight...:)

Love ya'll



mcnals said...

Haha I bought that book too. I am dying to get my hands on jolieinnyc's book Beauty Confidential but the book store in Spartanburg doesn't have it..of course.

Mac just came out with a great product that helps contour..It made my chipmunk face look like I have cheek bones.....except I had to buy the stupid brush with it (cuz i don't
have any) to "blend blend blend"

rebelleBAP on 3:54 PM said...

mcnals-Can the 'burg please get a MAC Counter!