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Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack of the Week!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Please, Please don't ask where I've been on this one...

But this week's beauty/fashion soundtrack is Chrisette Michelle. First of all, I messed around and bought it, forgetting that a friend of mine was sending me a copy then I got hooked like crack. This broad is the "truth" I tell you. I know why I didn't intially get it back in the summer of 2007 because I don't like her first two singles. But that "Be Ok" song..."I'm goin' drive my Lexus to da mall...." Love it Love it!!

My favorite song is the last track, "This Is Way Love Is" AND "Mr. Radio" AND "Golden"!!!



Nemesis on 10:43 AM said...

I have it, but I didn't like it the first time I heard it. I guess I need to go listen again.