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Review: Be Fine Food Care Evening Sampler...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I bet ya'll think the CVS' in Union are flea markets...but they are not!! I got the Be Fine Food Care Evening Sampler at a Union CVS for 8.99 on clearance about three weeks ago. I'm always trying to find the perfect night ritual, one can rememebr to do. Yes, I go to sleep with makeup on...sometimes.

I also had been eyeing that Be Fine stuff seems like forever till' went on sale. Hello! In this sampler there is a Exfoiliating Cleanser, Firming Toner and Night Cream. I expecting to smell like a Cinnabon after I used it.

Suprisenly, for a "food " based line, its fragrance free. The exfoiliating cleanser went on rough at first but because its has brown sugar in it, it disolved into a creamy wash. The only thing about the toner that I didn't like was that it sprayed out. So I ended up spraying it in my hand and patting it into my skin. The night cream wasn't a cream at all, more like a light moisterizer, unscented and felt good to the touch. In the last three weeks( the whole kit has lasted that long) I see my skin very soft and smooth in the morning. I like it and plan on getting the Cleanser and Night Cream in full size to keep in my nightly regimen.

PS-I would like to apologize for the spelling errors...Blogger's ass won't let me use the spell check!