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Friday, April 25, 2008

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-I haven't been in a relationship in 5 years. The Plaintiff don't count...Thank you Jesus!. But recently I realized that "Fashion Boy" and I just don't work. He is 30 and hasn't lived his life.He hasn't traveled, lived in a big city, finished his education,etc. I also think that he wants to run away from his past. He needs to pack up his shit@ his Mom's house( yes, he lives with his Mom) and move away. Just go and don't look back. Drive til' the gas runs out. lol! That's my advice to him. And don't call me no more, I've moved on.:)

-I love Ruby Tuesday's Salad Bar. I could go everyday if I had the dough. And I tend to go the bar at least three times when I'm there. Then I leave feeling like a head of romaine lettuce.

-I wanted kids more than I wanted a husband. Now that I have kids, I don't crave marriage. I don't no man living in my house, starting arguments and stuff. I grew up in a hell-raising house and all I want to give my boys peace when they walk through the door. If I can't give them any material things, I know that they can come home and be happy and have fun in their own space.

-I'll be honest as hell...I miss Rock Hill and Charlotte but I NEVA go back to Charlotte live but I'll take the Rock any day!!It's like home to me. It's just enough city with little bit of country.

-I'm nervous about the summer. Summer in the South is hard. It's hot and the gas prices is out of control. And last summer was rough for me. I had just moved into my house, started a new job, ended it the 1st time with Fashion Boy, and was broke...and my car was acting crazy. I pray for a great summer.:)

-I miss my Daddy so much. He died of Colorectal Cancer in 2006. The last two years I had with him were better than the 27 years before. He told the most important thing that I still hold dear to me...."If a man doesn't want you don't try to make him want you, don't try to make him love you" It was like I had been waiting for him to tell me that since I started dating. Thanks Daddy!

I'll come back with who I'm tagging! lol!