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The Girl...She Love Me?

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ah....Mother's Day. A favorite holiday of mine.:)

When I was pregnant(before I knew I was having TWO boys), I thought I was having a girl. I couldn't sleep, I had acute morning sickness, and my back hurt like hell. It had to be a girl, beating my body up like this and getting payback for the little girl hell I caused my parents, so I thought. The Plaintiff kept calling my stomach"Meagan" because he believed the same thing.

Well, we were sooooooo wrong and off target on that!!! lol!!

But I'm somebody's daughter. And so is Lisa Price of Carol's Daughter and she's hitting HSN for the first time to sell some of those amazing products. Here's the schedule:

Thursday May8, 2008: 8-9pm( 15 minute segment)

Friday May 9, 2008: 7-7:30 am, 3-3:30pm, and 9-9:30 pm

Saturday May 10, 2008:7-7:30 am