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BigGyrl Fab Outfit 06/29/2008...

Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm going really do better with the background in these BG Fab Outfits. I've been piling up old magazines for the boys' so we can make collages this week.
This week...the kids( whose school is closed for the week of the 4th) and Mommy ( who has diligently worked for Le Lion for over a year and has EARNED her paid week's vacay) are on Vacation. Actually a "Stay-cation" but I have so much for us to do and will be taking massive pics. Like this morning when we went to da Pig( Piggly Wiggly) and they got balloons and recyclable grocery bags!
Sunday's Best: What wasn't going on at church? Too much. Spotted my so-called older half-sibling.:(/:) ( I'm sure she says the same thang...)
Top:It's Fashion
Capri's:TJ Maxx
Bracelet:This N'That
Shoes:Nine West( Like five years ago...And they hurt like 5 years!
Bag: white vintage pleather clutch via Goodwill