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Dear Starbucks Hillcrest,

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I deeply saddened by the news that your store is one the many Starbucks to be closing due to the fast and overwhelming expansion. I mean, seriously, you just opened like a year ago. I'll miss the spacious seating and quietness that the Pine Street store just can't offer. You just don't get a quaint and quiet Starbucks everyday you know....

Please don't leave me!!!

I thought with two Starbucks, The 'Burg was on the up and up... Ya'll can't have nothing in the 'Burg, man. Now where am I suppose to get my Tall Doubleshot on Ice with Soy Milk at before I hit the Goodwill with the hardness? Guess, I'm going to flip over to the Pine St. Store...they are cool, too but just not you...sigh.