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Good Days Happen...

Friday, July 25, 2008

I love love love spending quality time with my kids.It's literally the only thing these days that make me happy. I think that is what God is doing, showing me the beauty of family.

Now, get me wrong they do crazy stuff, they 3-year olds, but the being tired after a Good Day is a Good Day!!

We went to the Dentist in Greer, SC so that gave me a chance to scoot up to Greenville SC and do some Whole Foods and other errands

Kelton AKA Kelton-ye' West.


My favorite-ist place, Whole Foods and the Goodies I got.

Outfit: Top-Cato's Clearance (4.99)



I went to the B&N at Shops@Greenridge and didn't find that damn Italian Vogue. I had a great day. Everywhere we went in Greenville and Greer, we got great service and friendly people and felt good. I reckon because in the 'Burg and Union that's rarity and I can't count the times I feel ignored in stores and restaurants. I could write a blog on the horrid profiling(racial,sex,financial,etc..) I get. But let me not ruin my day...:)