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Two Things to Get...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

From Rimmel!!

I picked these great products up last week during Walgreens BOGO Free on Rimmel. I'll admit I'm not a Rimmel Fan. Their foundation consist of Ivory and Mo' Ivory and not a ethnic shade in sight at any Rimmel Display in my area. So if the brand is not diverse enough for ME I look passed it. I want everyone on the beauty crack known as makeup like me!!

I'm sucka for a bronzer and I got this Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sundance because I want the Rimmel Glam' Eyes Mascara and I need the "Free". It's nothing big and special in comparison to other bronzers but like it because the compact is BIG. I can take a my big fluffy brush and go to work"" without anything such as mirror or small compact getting in the way...

Check the box for "Sucka for Packaging", too for ya' cuz Jamesy.It soooo pretty! And of course like every other mascara these days it has that rubber brush. But the brush has short and long bristles alternating around. SO I apply a light coat with the long bristle side and then take the short bristle side and wiggle for length. The handle is comfortable to use and it is a great day mascara for me.