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Beneath The Surface...II

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I learned alot from having natural hair. The better you pamper it, the better it will look. Also, try to be as chemical free as possible. So, when I relaxed my hair for the first time in three years( I think) two weeks ago, I was determined to follow the same natural product principles I did with my natural hair.

I set out to find a sulfate-free shampoo and a paraben- free conditioner. Sulfates are the same chemical you clean your house with and wash your car with. I scooped up Chemistry sulfate-free Daily Shampoo at Walgreens. After one wash my scalp felt super clean. It's great for clarifying the hair.Under the advice of my fabulous Soror Mischo, I did a hot-oil pre shampoo treatment with jojoba oil, then used the Chemistry for a good wash. Look out for a SuperSaver coupon for this so you can get it for $4.99.

After first was with Chemistry, I washed with a moisturizing shampoo. I found 2 oz. sizes of Giovanni Organic Hair Care Smooth As Silk Deep Moisturizing Shampoo. I've only seen Giovanni products at Whole Foods but the Rite Aid across from my job has the whole line. yay!! Love this too and the smell is awesome.
I finished everything up with a Deep conditioning under the dryer. Ya'll know I love the Yes to Carrots line at Walgreens, so the Pampering Hair Mud was an obvious choice. I had wanted it but I waited to another sale on the line came along( that was last week... 25% off). It smells like the lotion I already love and have from the line and left my hair very soft and feeling thick. And it's Paraben/Mineral Oil/Petroleum Oil Free.

I'm just loving the organic/natural selection at the drugstore these days!



Jamila on 10:21 AM said...

That Pampering Mud sounds delish! I am going to have to check that out.

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to drop you a note an say hi. Your hair looks great! Hope you are doing well.

Jocie Joce