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New Addition to Rural Glamour...RG Go-fer

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hi yall'!!

Listen I got a great addition I'm going to do for the beauty addicts all over... It's called RG Go-fer!! Here's the scoop!

I know how it is to see something in a magazine or online or on a blog and there is a drugstore product and you want it. Then you go traveling across seven counties and fifteen drugstores and never find it. Well, for some odd reason I live in a area that get these jewels but never sell them . I think of my beauty girls often when I see four CG Amazemint in Happy Hour and my girls are still on the search for it... now you got a "go-fer" in me!!!

What I will do is I will take request on an item that is found in a drugstore or mass-market store Email me at with the request and in 2-3 days I'll have your response!!!

I will charge the amount of the item plus $6( USPS shipping/handling and delivery confirmation)

You will get a email when it will ship as well. Paypal only!!!

Also I'll post different products( such as the Essie Polish and Trade Secret Polish) that I scope out and post about it if anyone is interested in any.

First items up for grabs....Cover Girl Amazemint l/g in Happy Hour and Rimmel Primer!!!



Atiyah on 3:38 PM said...

Such a good idea. I have often wanted to do that for folks when they can't find a certain item and I see a wall of them at my area drug stores.