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Review:Nivea A Kiss of Flavor tinted Lip Care and A Kiss of Shine Glossy Lip Care...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I picked these up at my Walgreens. First the gloss was 3.99 and the balm was 2.99 then I had a .50 coupon for both, and then the "beauty advisor" had another coupon for the Nivea lip care for a dollar.
with SC taxes for you a$$=5.90 for both.
Ya'll know I don't like lip balm but this Kiss Of Flavor was smooth and not greasy and it didn't look greasy either. I likes... but one negative is if you got pigmented lips( dark lips) skip the tinted ones because it show no color.
The Kiss Of Shine Pink is cool too. It's just your typical lip gloss nothing special but the pink suited my skin tone which gave it a plus from me.


typicalgirl1726 on 6:39 PM said...

i was wondering about the lip balm. i have dark lips so i would get no color. :( but i like how its not greasy. i may have to try this.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 4:53 PM said...

I'm going back to get the plain one next week.:) It would great to for the winter.