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Co-Wash and Curls...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yesterday, I could take it anymore, I needed to wash my hair. But even though I wash my hair every 7 days, I was bit itchy and I didn't want scratch or coat my scalp in oils that might make the itching worse. So I Co-washed my hair...

Cowashing is washing your hair with (preferably) a moisturizing conditioner, eliminating the shampoo step which can be very drying when done relatively frequently.

I use to co-wash alot when I had natural hair and didn't wear a weave on top of it. You just simply wash your scalp with a conditioner,rinse, then wash your hair with conditioner and rinse. I felt the difference in my hair immediately..

I didn't have a regular conditioner at home just my deep conditioners so I dipped in my In The Company Of Sistas Sampler Box and pulled out Curls Coconut Sublime Moisturizing Conditioner (2oz size) and used it in the Co-wash.

I thought it would smell more "Coconut-y" but the creamy texture and the organic nature of the product made me forget about the coconuts!! It's actually formatted( and it says it on the bottle:))"Works great as a mid week conditioning rinse". Co-Washed Certified ya'll!!

After the wash, I used Elasta QP Styling Foam and H-Two and a my oil mixture. Then a twisted it but pinning up the ends and tying it down to air dry...

I loved the results... even though I wish my two-strand technique was alot was a lot better.:)

Adding co-washing to the regimen!


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