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Review: Chanel Exceptionnel De Chanel Mascara Intense Volume and Curl Mascara...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sometimes Free stuff is good. Especially when you live in South Carolina, home of freaked-out-gas-pumping citizens who drove the gas prices up from 3.50 to this lovely price of 4.89( It was actually 5.01 at the pump when I pulled up) because they think the gas was going run out in Texas.
So when Allure told me they were sending me a Chanel mascara, I was ecstatic. Alas, the "Erykah Badu-bohemian-Pics taken on my digital camera-not enough beauty for one beauty blog engine in particular"aesthetic of Rural Glamour blog is sometimes a bit too much for those companies who send boxes left on the front pouch full of makeup swag. But I digress...

*looking around, first*

I like it actually. The brush(that actually is the same brush as Rimmel Glam'Eyes) pulled and tugged enormous length into my curly lashes. I applied two coats and loved how it made my eyes look doe-ish. But $28? The consistency is a bit weak and I would prefer a blacker black. I can't remember last time a bought a expensive mascara, any who. You know what $28 is to this South Carolinian?:

5.6 gallons in gas.

Thanks Allure!