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Weekend Girllllll....!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Have a great weekend everyone!!! I know I will.:) I'm just so happy about my life and my God in it!!
Love yall XOXO
Oh...check out this cute clutch at Anthropologie. I constantly stalk their site and love the crap out of the store in SouthPark Mall in Charlotte.


Isis on 10:05 PM said...

Thumbs up! I found a cute raffia clutch on one of my thrift store runs, it's an old school one, not as pretty as this--a rusty orange w/ gold accents. Seems like all the throwback clutches I find come in the standard 70's colors: rust, beige, black...

Can never find anything as colorful as this...this needs should be marked down...I would have to save it for next sumnmer. :)

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 6:21 PM said...

I have about...5 raffia clutches from my vintage haunts! lol! only bright one Ihave is one that looks like it was made in the Bahamas and it was my Grandma's.

yep...Anthro's a pricey joint. It should be marked down!

Isis on 3:13 PM said...

That's what inspired me to post (after your OPI run). Your thrift store haunts...a girl after my own heart, not too many people I know can navigate and find the goodies w/ such ease.

Lately, it's harder to find the good stuff, so many people going in these days w/ the economy running amok. No longer a fashionista's secret LOL