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Shopping My Stash:mark. Femme 4 f.o.t.ds and a fresh relaxer...

Friday, November 21, 2008

I needed to start this series...because I've been doing alot of it.."shopping my stash": Going into your own beauty drawers or closet and pulling out things that look new, but they are not, because you already used it once, but got "beauty ADD" and toss it in a drawer. Then, months later, you go into your "stash" because times is hard or you have become a cheap ass, and pull something out and say "I forgot I had this...I must use it!"

Yesterday I pull out my mark. Femme 4 quad. I love the dark colors of the quad but the pigment quality is poor. You layer and layer and never get the intensity of what you see in the palette.I almost put it up for swap on MUA. I'd only used it once maybe twice without the results I wanted.

But I was inspired by a popular makeup YouTuber( I won't say her name). She did two different smokey eyes vids with tons of MAC products, but it didn't look like nothing. She didn't even blend enough to make it smoky. Then, she put on a harsh colored lippie and I was thru with her! I was thinking "Hell, I can do that with the junk I got..."

Here's today with the Femme 4, using the charcoal and purple shades with a little UD Asphyxia blended in...VS Garden Sweet Talk l/g in Wild Berries for the lippie.( Fresh Relaxer...stretched 10 later!)

Yesterday, I did the charcoal with a The Body Shop Shimmer Cube in Silver blended in ...Stila Guava on the lips....
Don't get wrong...MAC is the truth. But other things work, too.Try and see!:)
Have a great weekend!


Toma on 9:20 PM said...

I have this quad too and I find myself reaching for it at least 3times a week. The dark colors look great as liners or I use it for adding shading with some of my lighter mineral eyeshadows. I LOVE THIS (and I got it on!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 9:12 AM said...

I have used that black as a liner before, but that's a great idea, Toma. The dark palette can be used for shading and such. Thanks!!