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Review:Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner....

Friday, December 26, 2008

Hi Folks!!

I hope that your Christmas Day was a blessed one!I had a great a couple presents and such...but the best part is watching my kids rip into presents and boxes and be happy all day long!

I got Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner at CVS for 50% off the price. I guess its being discontinued. I'm always skeptical about stepping out of the nail polish box with Sally Hansen.I have couple of lip glosses that I love from there new improved lip collections.

I actually really love this product! Here's why:

-the waxy like texture really did fill in the lines around the edges of my lips(Due to a habit that me and the President-Elect share...sometimes).
-I saw a difference my gloss.It looked smoother...

But there is one "con"....

-The liner is too small...It needs to be a thick stick for all over lip application. I wear it all over my lips!

I'm going to the other CVS in town to see if I can find another one and another one...stock up on them...:)