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Shopping My Stash and a N.O.T.D....

Friday, December 05, 2008

Freaking always posts my pictures backward order...

First N.O.T.D...N.Y.C in 247B. It has no "name" but anybody who has it and knows the name leave it in the comments. Perfect Blue-Green. Definitely greener than blue...Love it.
Check out that blending!!!!WOOO HOOOO!!!

Found this Wet N' Wild Mega Eyes Trio amongst the digging for the H.I.P. Shadow Sticks I thought I had. Never ever, ever used but had been opened.???? It had no name on it either, maybe I took it off or it was a Limited Edition.


Anonymous said...

sister.. new to your site, very nice eye work..but your foundation is way too light, it comes off as kind of grey,in these photos, can see the lines of demarcation along your jaw line, and around your mouth.. try some bare essensuals...maybe a warm tan or warm deep... it will even you out and you'll be hooked.. cause you got it going on w/the makeup

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 12:59 PM said...

Thanks for comments. I have tried BE before but it is out of my price range at this moment.