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BigGyrl Fab Outfit 06/01/08.....

Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy First Sunday!!

I know, I didn't look happy. I took these pics after Morning Service. After Grandma made me mad in church! Sad, I know. I just couldn't shake it. But here goes:

Top:It's Fashion( like three years ago...)
Tank:James Perse via some outlet store in Pineville,NC that I can't remember the name...
Pants:It's Fashion
Belt:Simply Fashion
Bracelets:This N'That
Vintage Hair Pin: Goodwill

I can't wear earrings right now because my right lobe hurts. Probably because of all the cheap earrings I wear. So I settled for a vintage pin I found at the Hillcrest Goodwill.



yummy411 on 2:50 PM said...

what shoes did you pair with this outfit?

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 6:26 PM said...

I wore black pointed toe pumps by Rampage.

yummy411 on 8:08 PM said...

two snaps honey LOL! you are a fly momma.. would def have more days in jeans and sweats!