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Thursday, January 08, 2009

So....I haven't been posting as frequently( if you want to call missing one day "frequent") is because I lost the THIRD of three camera USB port cords in a year. *sigh* All of my goodness from new nail NOTD's to Shopping My Stash posts are all in my camera and can't be transferred to the computer til' I can get a cord THAT FITS. My Mother(bless her heart...she sometimes loves me or either feels sorry for me) found one at the Dollar Tree but it doesn't fit. I been trying to conserve gas and money since I got a 288.00 Utility bill. WTF!?? So I'm on the hustle to pay that....And the house don't even stay that warm and turn the heat off at night!! The City of Union is Ponzi Scheme-ing me on my bill, I tell you.

In other news:

-I've been loving Oprah's Best Life Series...Today is my other favorite girl crush, Suze Orman. She lets you know the game!! Young, Broke, and Fabulous is an awesome book.

-Worked on my fashion lookbook last night.It's so pretty. I also started a home and design lookbook without the book( I got my clippings together). I got to get Barnes and Noble for a sketchbook soon...

-Also comprising an argument to get my aunt Pat let me have her elliptical machine or at least let me store it in a guest room...or put ya' niece on a payment plan.

-The boys and I have decided that they will be part of the Friday/Saturday House Clean up. They like dusting and wiping tables and my Kelton Patrick is a whiz with the broom. He got one of the million,zillion of their Matchbox cars from under the couch with one swipe of the broom.Genius.We will see how long this will last.Spencer already asked me how he will be rewarded.

-I've become such a conspiracy theorist because of the run-ins with Fashion Boy. He thinks EVERYTHING is a conspiracy including he not being able to find a job in Charlotte after he moved up there WITHOUT one. Or how he has to pay for parking Uptown.Or how he can't just run the store and back home but get stuck in traffic or in a horrid line in the store in Charlotte. I told this CRACKHEAD when he BEFORE he moved the QC was not a game. I giggle to myself when I hear to conspiracy story from him about living up there. Country Folk.Now, I look at everything as conspiracy like that Utility Bill or Convenience fees...

-Which brings me to this too funny yet true You Tube about conveniece fees:

-Will something good come in the mail? I mean, Christmas holidays, every day was a good mail day now its bills, paper trash, my Student Loan payment( wait...), dumb stuff.

-I got leaves for days out on my lawn....I don't want to rack them...I thought that is what the lawn people do( I pay them to do) but he said that it would be $100 to clean the front and back of my house of leaves. *blank stare* Chile' please.

-Got some great opportunities for the blog coming up even a maybe a trip!

-I won this from Makeup Masala!! Review coming soon...:) Thanks again and again Toma!

-I figured out that I can wear tights and leggings together I don't look corny!!!

-I've been on Facebook like crack for the last month. It's crazy talking to old WU people and seeing pictures of myself from 1996 being posted.

-Addicted to Thinking about Oysters and Champagne...

Love ya!!



Isis on 5:27 PM said...

Did you download Suze's new book? "2009 Action Plan" it was featured on the Today Show this AM, you get it off Oprah's site...

Isis on 5:33 PM said...

Oh you can solve that problem, get a memory card reader, it's the best investment. You can just pop your card into the reader and it'll pull your pics like magic. I got one for work, it's great!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 4:28 PM said...

I didn't think of that... Just take the memory card out and put it in the reader...But My mom found the cord for me!!