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Review:Tarte Bottoms Up Lower Lash Mascara...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I used to not wear mascara on my lower lashes. I somehow created a smudgy mess every time I TRIED...
It wasn't til' I had the opportunity to try Tarte Bottoms Up Lower Lash Mascara that there is an answer to the smudgy mess!Italic
"Have a whole new reason to celebrate with the first mascara specifically designed to precisely coat each and every bottom lash. We've paired a long-wearing, flake-free formula with a precision tapered brush that allows you to target the tiniest of lashes and wide-set bristles that separate and evenly coat.The water-resistant formula won't end up underneath your eyes."
The truth will set you lashes free!!!I 've tried Bottoms Up for three days and I am totally convinced of lower lash mascara. I had no smudging and even greater ,found that I have long lashes on the bottom because of Bottoms Up lengthening brush. You can't never have too many mascaras. In my world, "holy grail" or "HG" mascara doesn't exist.
Add Bottoms Up to your arsenal.:)