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Rural Glamour FAQs.....

Monday, January 19, 2009


I'm so excited about this new part of my blog....Rural Glamour FAQs. I don't normally get alot of questions but lately I've been getting a couple in my comment boxes that I think would be great address.

I'm not a professional anything, really. So if I don't know the answer I will definitely find the answer from an expert. If I do know the answer, I'll answer it...makes any sense?lol!!

Question: Hey Jamie,What is your technique for putting on eyeshadow?-TrinkyWiggly( WU people!!!! Hey girl!)

Well, Personally, I'm still working on technique. I got tired of complaining that I wasn't "technique-y" and got some help. It's called YOU TUBE! And there some great you tubers that do awesome tutorials on application of all kinds of makeup. My two favorite YTs are Makeup by RenRen and EnkoreMakeup. Both are professional makeup artists. RenRen does fast, informative and creative tutorials. I trust her mainly because she does admit to doing alot of ethnic she gets colors and lines for a Diva like me perfectly. I've learned stuff from Enkore I would never thought possible. One the first vids I saw of him was he showed how you can get to all of the leftover lip gloss out of a tube. I thought he was a genie!! lol! Watch beauty you tubers religiously, it will help you perfect e/s technique.

Question:I love the nail designs. What is your technique? Or is that a secret you are taking to your grave? LOL!-Ohthatgirl( what's good,mama!)

I'm new to the nail design thing too. I think of a design I want to do, then practice it on my thumbs til I like it then do it on my nail. I also draw what I think I would like to do with colored markers. Start simple with maybe two colors and simple lines to get what you want. Then bump up you designs. I wish I could do video tutorials on this sort of thing.... my favorite nail design You Tuber...julieg713. Her holiday nails were awesome!!

Anymore questions? or any comment box...:)



MAKEUP central-by LYN on 2:38 AM said...

I like the idea of drawing on paper with markers first!!! I never thought of that, I always picture it in my head but then it doesn't come out as good on my nails. I think I'm going to start to do that! Thank you!!!